About US

Braxton Cleaning Solutions is an owner-operated company that provides residential and commercial Carpet cleaning services in Northern Kentucky, Southern Ohio, and Southern Indiana.

Braxton Cleaning Solutions is an owner-operated company that provides residential and commercial Carpet cleaning services in Northern Kentucky, Southern Ohio, and Southern Indiana.

With roots in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, we offer a full range of residential and commercial cleaning services throughout the Tri-state area, helping to keep homes and businesses sparkling clean and healthy.

The Braxton Guarantee

Whether you’re a first-time or recurring customer, you’ll receive the same great service for all your cleaning needs.

As a company born in Cincinnati, all of our local locations understand the needs specific to their area and offer the same great 100% Guarantee

Why Use Us

Asthma & Allergy Friendly

If you have asthma or allergies, you know how important it is to keep floors clean. 

Contaminants that can trigger either ailment may easily find their way down into carpet or lodge into pits in other floor surfaces. 

Once there, they can grow into problems for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. 

You can breathe easier if you get us to help. Our cleaning process here at Braxton Cleaning Solutions is asthma and allergy friendly. 

We use products that kill bacteria, fungus, dust mites, and pollen stuck in flooring. Our expert floor cleaners even use an effective sanitizer that penetrates carpet fibers to eliminate contaminants. 

Furthermore, we’ve been certified asthma and allergy friendly. That means we can remove an average of 94% of common household allergens from your flooring. 

Effective & Safe Floor Cleaning

Our floor cleaning process and products here at Braxton Cleaning Solutions are safe for you, your pets, and the environment. We never gamble on our clients’ health and welfare.

As a result, you can rest assured that we’ll leave your home cleaner and healthier without posing unnecessary risks to your health.

Knowledgeable Professionals

Braxton Cleaning Solutions has been in the industry for over 20 years. We have extensive experience in residential and commercial carpet cleaning and janitorial services on a national level.

With that said, we only employ the best cleaning professionals to work with us. We guarantee you that our professional floor cleaners are experienced, knowledgeable, and very courteous.

We also care about ensuring the security of your premises, so our professionals work in uniform and always have photo identification.

Our cleaners aren’t mere hobbyists or part-time workers. They are professional cleaners who have undergone extensive training and certification programs. 

This lets us ensure that our professionals are continuously learning and evolving with the changing methods and technologies in our industry. 

This is how we can promise an unmatched commitment to quality. Our staff are always on hand too to see to your needs or concerns. 

With our highly trained workers, 24/7 customer service, and quality guarantee, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best cleaning company when you work with us. 


Expert Team









Braxton Cleaning Solutions provides highly organized and detailed cleaning services to residential and commercial properties. We know how important it is to have a clean and tidy home or business to present to others. Maintaining a beautiful home or office isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential to human health and well-being. There is real substance to the saying, “A clean home is a happy home!”

Attention to Detail in Every Corner 

As a trusted source for all home and business cleaning needs, Braxton Cleaning Solutions is proud to offer consistent carpet cleaning in Northern Kentucky. We take great pride in our promptness, thoroughness and attention to detail. Other cleaning companies accept a large number of jobs and deliver quick, generalized cleaning services, but this isn’t the way our owner-operated company works.

Our cleaning crews are trained to pay attention to the smallest details such as the grout in between tile and the baseboards around flooring. Once cleaned, the area smells better, looks cleaner and shines brighter! Not to mention, these are areas where germs and bacteria like to hide out, exacerbating allergy and asthma symptoms. Let’s get them gone for good!

Floors that are Clean Enough to Eat Off 

By choosing our carpet cleaning in Florence, you can expect our crews to fully disinfect your home or business. We know that most businesses – and some busy households – track in dirt on a regular basis. The most difficult thing to keep clean is the carpet. Over time, dirt that is tracked in from shoes and other objects builds up in the fibers of the carpet, padding and backing.

Fortunately, carpet cleaning is the best way to kill bacteria, mold and dust mites that may be living in your carpets. Plus, carpet steaming restores the flooring and makes it look like new again! It’s far more cost-effective than replacing your carpet, and you get the peace of mind that your home or business is clean, healthy and welcoming to all.

Why Choose Braxton Cleaning Solutions 

Our carpet cleaners in Northern Kentucky look forward to serving your needs. All work is guaranteed so you can feel good knowing that the dollars you put into keeping your home or business clean will be well spent. Here are a few other reasons for choosing Braxton Cleaning Solutions for your carpet cleaning in Florence.

  • Fast Response. Feel like you’re being put on a waiting list with your current cleaning company? With Braxton Cleaning Solutions, you are always a priority. Whether you need cleaning today, tomorrow or next week, we have you covered. Our schedule works with yours, not the other way around.
  • Safety First. Never would we use cleaning products and agents that aren’t safe. Rest assured that all materials and ingredients used on your home or business are safe for pets, babies and children. In other words, if we wouldn’t use it for our families, we won’t use it for yours.
  • Coupons. Even with cost-effective rates, we understand that our clients are on a budget. We enjoy helping them save money with coupons, promo codes and other great savings. Unlike other cleaning companies, our promotions are not reserved for new clients, either. Existing clients can save with us, too!
  • 100% Guarantee. We want you to be pleased with the cleaning service we provide. If you are not satisfied with your carpet cleaning in Northern Kentucky, just let us know. We’ll send out another technician at no extra charge. No questions asked. 

Braxton Cleaning Solutions is your trusted source for all cleaning-related needs. Call us today for your free carpet cleaning quote. We look forward to wowing you with our promptness and attention to detail!