Steve Pfaehler


Steve Pfaehler has 38 years of experience in the professional floor cleaning industry. He started in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business in 1981. As a pioneer in this industry, he has taught various cleaning techniques and cleaning methods.

Steve decided to start his own cleaning business in 1988 which soon grew into more than a half a million-dollar business. This is an outstanding accomplishment for a small business. In 2014, Steve decided to sell his business to Braxton.

After a short retirement, Steve decided to continue his journey with Braxton by joining the team as a salesman where he could pass on his wealth of knowledge to our staff and continue his business relationships through Braxton Cleaning Solutions. Steve also serves as our specialty flooring guy introducing our latest products and services as well as passing on his expertise to the new technicians in the industry.

With his experience, knowledge, and dedication, Steve has become a highly valued member of the Braxton Cleaning Solutions team.