an age where apps, links, QR codes, and text messages can deliver a
fully-cooked meal to your doorstep in minutes; we are quick to forget the value
of in-person customer service. At Braxton Cleaning Solutions, we understand the value of
building personal relationships with our clients and customers; offering
high-tech cleaning solutions with a small-business mentality. 


friendly office staff help schedule each appointment in order to better serve
the schedules of our clients. No online form can ever replace the customization
opportunities afforded by working directly with our office staff; our company
can work at any time you prefer, especially for residential properties. At the
time of your scheduling, we’ll also discuss your unique cleaning needs and
address any questions you might have. 


have more than 20 years of experience in cleaning flooring for our clients,
whether it’s carpeting, tile, or hardwood. With our expert cleaning services,
we can restore battered carpeting to plush and warm luxury. Our cleaning can
breathe new life into the grimiest tiles and even make old hardwood gleam
again. On the day of your clean, you will be greeted by our trained
technicians; they will explain their timeline and processes to you completely
before starting the service. This communication is another piece to our
customer-service puzzle; open communication with each and every client before,
during, and after your scheduled clean!


Braxton Cleaning Solutions services the entire
Tri-State with residential and commercial floor care services, we operate our
business like a true small business; putting relationships and exceptional
customer service as a top priority. We keep your floors pristine with our
latest-tech, environmentally friendly methods, we even help you extend the life
of your flooring. We care for and value your investment in your premises.
That’s why you deserve only the highest-quality floor cleaning services.


love our growing tech-dominated world as much as you do, but, we are committed
to pairing quality floor care services with personal customer service; our
Braxton Family is here to help and serve you!

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