Top Four Reasons to Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

While carpet adds more comfort to a room and can add a great pop of color or decoration to an area, it is vital that they are routinely cleaned, vacuumed, and spot cleaned. A great option is professional cleaning. I know, it seems expensive, right? But the benefits of getting your carpet professionally cleaned, far outweigh the cost.

Not only does it extend the life of your carpet, but it can improve your health as well. Carpets are an ideal place for dust, allergens, and bacteria to settle, causing an increased risk for impaired breathing, especially for those who are already at risk, for example, asthmatics. I can just vacuum right? Vacuuming does remove some of the particles including dirt and dust /mites, but it doesn’t completely remove all particles, causing them to accumulate overtime, increasing your risk for allergy and cold symptoms. Professional carpet cleaning can completely remove the dust allergens and bacteria, keeping your family and friends healthy and safe in your home.

Professional carpet cleaning also allows for improved airflow. Airflow in your home is vital to control moisture damage, reduce energy losses, and insure a healthy living space for the occupants of your home. When carpet is left unkept, debris is built up and causes a lack of airflow, especially in spaces on the floor where airflow is necessary, for example, next to the vents. When your carpet is clogged with dirt and dust it can lead to an unpleasant stuffy atmosphere. With professionally cleaned carpets you will have higher air quality and improved airflow.

Professionally cleaned carpets can also bring an improved look and feel to the table. When your carpet is unkept, it begins to become matted, which makes the carpet appear old and ragged. Not only is the look unpleasant, but so is the rough texture. Professionally cleaned carpets are important to keep your home up to date, healthy, and polished.

Your floors are an investment, and we’re here to help you protect them. Braxton’s team of flooring experts can help you clean and maintain your carpets to keep them looking new for years to come. Contact Braxton Cleaning Solutions to learn more about our cleaning process. | Northern Kentucky Floor Care / Carpet, Hardwood, and Tile