Unlike our homes, the carpet and flooring in our businesses is easy to forget about and ignore. We show up, we walk on it all day, we go home. We’re not down on the floor playing with the kids or entertaining family. But the condition of your carpet says a lot about your office and your business; particularly to would-be clients and customers. Besides just having a cleaner space, there are several benefits to a professional carpet cleaning of your business:

  • Longevity – Quality carpet is not cheap. Protect that investment with regular professional cleanings. Also pay attention to your carpet’s warranty. In the event something goes wrong with your carpet, many manufacturers require proof of regular professional servicing before they will honor the warranty.

  • Better Health – Carpets are notorious harborers of microscopic particles that are extremely bad for your health including dust and mold. These particles are stirred up and released into the environment with every step. Regular cleanings substantially reduce the build-up of these pollutants, protecting you, your employees, and your customers.

  • Reduce Absences – A clean work environment is an important component of employee health. Poor indoor air quality is a contributing factor to absences and employee sickness throughout a year. Improve the overall health of your employees and cut down on sick days by reducing the risk factors of your office or business.

  • Professional Stain Removal – Whether it’s coffee, soiled shoes, or lasagna leftovers, stains are inevitable. Your custodial crew isn’t likely to have the proper tools to deal with these messes any more than you are! Professional carpet cleaners can tackle even the toughest stains and bring life back to your worn soiled carpets.

  • Less Downtime – It’s hard to run a business on wet carpet! Cleanings are best accomplished outside of normal operating hours. But who wants to pay their custodial staff overtime if they don’t have to? By contracting out your carpet cleaning, you can ensure the cleaning is done right AND scheduled at a time that will not interfere with your business’s normal operating schedule.

  • Save Money – Fewer absences. No overtime cleaning. Longer lasting carpets. Better first impressions. All of these add up to a stronger bottom line.

Braxton Cleaning Solutions is ready to partner with you and your business to protect the health and well-being of you, your employees, and your customers. Schedule a regular cleaning in advance or contact us in the event of an emergency. We will have your business cleaned up and back to work in no time!