a Braxton customer:


a regular customer of Braxton, I feel compelled to write a testimonial to their
work and grace in an otherwise embarrassing situation:


months ago, my mother moved into our finished lower level. Her health had
gotten to a point where she was no longer able to live on her own and moving
into an assisted living facility was not an option. While we are thankful to
have her close and living with our family of four (two children, ages 8 and 5),
we are not so thankful for her five animals.


mother’s previous home was a large, Queen Anne house with three bedrooms and
four levels of space to move and live in; plenty of room for a dog and four
cats. But her new “apartment” in our lower level is about 500 square feet
consisting of a living room, full kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 


say they have the animals have their run of the place is an understatement!
Keeping up with five animals in normal conditions is a challenge.
Unfortunately, a combination of elderly and poorly trained animals means a lot
of messes on the floor; specifically the carpeted floor in the living room.
While my mother does what she can to clean these daily “accidents”, it is more
than she can handle.


maintain healthy, sanitary conditions in our home, we turned to the Braxton
team. Once a month, we have Braxton in to give the carpet a thorough cleaning.
The room always looks (and smells) brand new when they are finished. More
importantly, the professionalism and understanding they show helps to put my
family’s anxiety about the situation at ease.


you are sitting there now thinking, “this place is too far gone” or “I would be
too embarrassed to have someone in to clean”. I get it. And so does the team at
Braxton Cleaning Solutions. Their professionals are
ready to help you get the filth out and the clean in. And they’ll do it with no
judgement or assumptions. Just a commitment to you living in the cleanest
environment possible.