Make your home healthier with carpet cleaning in Florence KY.  Carpet cleaning is essential because it helps remove dirt from your home in Florence, Kentucky. When you overlook this cleaning task, carpeting can look dirty. Worse yet, it collects debris, dander, bacteria, and contaminants that could make your living environment less healthy.

Leverage Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment for Optimal Results

Professional home carpet cleaners use state-of-the-art technology to remove dirt, reduce bacterial counts and rejuvenate your carpeting to look its best.

Professional carpet cleaning can remove signs of regular wear and surface stains in households with pets, messy people, or kids. Additionally, carpet cleaning removes irritants that can aggravate allergies or cause respiratory distress.

Keep Bugs At Bay

While carpeting feels plush under the feet, this popular floor covering creates an ideal habitat for various microscopic and not-so-small pests, including fleas, bed bugs, carpet beetles, carpet moths, and ants. In addition to making your carpet “home,” these pests lay eggs, creating even larger populations.

Outbreaks and infestations of these pests can lead to severe health hazards for all occupants (including pets,) guests, and visitors. For instance, bed bugs and fleas are both biting insects. Not only are the bites from these pests uncomfortable, but they can also lead to serious health complications such as infection or the spread of disease in humans and animals.

Luckily, regular vacuuming, deep cleaning, and specialty carpet cleaning services can help minimize and contain these populations from infesting your home.

Ensure the Long Life of Your Carpet

Regardless of how much work and effort you put in to keep your carpet looking its best, it almost always pays to have a professional clean it periodically.

Not surprisingly, a properly maintained carpet will look and feel better than one that isn’t. Regular vacuuming removes loose soil and debris, so it makes sense to vacuum more often if your home has plenty of foot traffic. Professional carpet cleaning uses special equipment and non-toxic cleaning solutions to lift embedded soil and deep-down contaminants.

Considering the average expected lifespan of high-quality carpeting ranges from five to fifteen years, it’s sensible to take steps to preserve and protect it from wear and tear to make it last longer.

Increase Marketability

If you have a property available for sale or rent, showing potential tenants a space with clean carpeting will make the property more marketable.

These days, no one wants to move into a dingy and dirty living or workspace!

Get an Estimate Before the Work Starts

A reliable carpet cleaning Florence KY company will inspect your carpet to provide you with a written estimate before starting your carpet cleaning project. During this initial inspection, they’ll identify problem areas and advise what steps should get taken to rectify the underlying issues.

Braxton Cleaning Solutions uses powerful specialty equipment to remove the dirt and grime trapped inside carpet fibers, which makes your home a place to live healthier. Let us help you by scheduling an appointment today!