Carpets are a common element in many homes and workplaces because they increase comfort, absorb sound, and enhance the aesthetics of the space. However, because of friction, particle buildup, and normal wear and tear of the material, carpets also see heavy use and have the propensity to deteriorate with time. Additionally, allergies, mildew, fungus, and other harmful bacteria that might impair the quality of your indoor air reside in carpets. Therefore, to avoid going carpet shopping every few years, it is crucial to take certain steps and extend the life of your carpets.

Vacuum Regularly

The key to keeping your carpet looking beautiful is routine upkeep. You can prevent the accumulation of dirt or germs in the carpet fibers by regularly vacuuming. Over time, the accumulation of particles in your carpet can harm it and make it appear soiled and worn out. A good vacuum is an excellent investment since it will guarantee that your carpet receives the best at-home care available.

If you have pets that shed, this is especially important because it will keep your carpets protected and lower the number of allergens in your home.

Remove Shoes Indoors

Another essential step in keeping your carpet clean and in good shape is removing your shoes. The bottom of your boots tracks in the bulk of the dirt that enters your home. Make it a house rule to remove your shoes at the front entrance to prevent this muck from settling into your carpeting. Long-term, this will make maintaining carpets so much simpler!

While some cultures already do this, many go around their homes in outdoor shoes, further damaging their flooring and carpets. If you don’t want to do this, adding additional mats could be a good alternative.

The first step in your home is where most of the dirt comes from. That’s why it might be best to place a mat there to cover it. Moreover, consider placing mats in other high-traffic areas – around beds, couches, or tables. This will help protect your carpet from looking worn out.

Clean Stains on Carpet Right Away

A stain is more difficult to remove the longer it remains on the carpet. Most of the time, treating stains immediately with warm water and a tiny cleanser is sufficient. In order to remove stains that have been there for a while, gently dab the affected area. Do not press the carpet, as this risks damaging the fibers.

If you’ve just made a huge stain that requires a professional’s attention, it might be best to let it sit than to do something that will make it worse. Of course, this could sometimes be an issue if you’re planning on having guests over before the cleaning crew arrives. In that case, you might have to try some methods to hide the stain from view.

Reposition Your Furniture in the Room

Rearranging furniture is another life hack to extend the life of your carpets. This ensures that there isn’t just one area of your carpet bearing the weight. This will aid in the carpet’s fading away in an equal manner. As a result, preventing the light from directly reaching a specific area will also significantly lessen uneven discoloration.

Use coasters to shield your carpet from furniture and other bulky décor objects. While moving furniture, always lift and never drag. And, if you’re moving the carpets to your new home, make sure you fold and pack them properly. Do this carefully to avoid causing additional damage to your carpets and rugs.

Reconsider What Pet You’re Getting

If you’re thinking about getting a new dog, cat, or other pet, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of short-haired vs. long-haired animals, their age, and other traits, like whether they’ll be confined to an indoor-only environment or spend time outside as well. More dirt, allergies, and debris will build in your carpet as a result of hair-shedding animals. Younger or unskilled animals may also soil your carpet with urine and other foul-smelling materials. Special enzyme treatments are typically necessary for such stains. To increase the lifespan of your carpet, work with your pets to develop positive behaviors. Also, to avoid your pets having accidents around the house, make sure you take them outside regularly or install proper facilities for your cat (like a litter bin).

Research Your Carpet

Understand the sort of carpet you are purchasing since the conditions in which it is delivered will determine how long you can maintain it. Always inquire about the many carpet varieties the seller offers. Inquire as to if they provide materials with cutting-edge micro-technology for greater resistance against mold and stains. 

Before cleaning, research the materials and the cleaning products, you plan on using. Using the wrong kind of cleaning chemicals and materials is one of the worst mistakes you can make since it can stain and damage your carpet. You probably don’t want that, do you?

Deep Clean Twice a Year

Every six months, families with four or more members should get their carpets cleaned using hot water extraction. The annual deep cleaning of your carpet should be sufficient, with fewer people living there. To get the greatest results and the most protection for your carpet, contact a reputable carpet cleaning business. They’ll be able to wash your carpet thoroughly and then dry it within a day or two. This is really great since DIY-ing this project can take days, and sometimes carpets dry really slowly if they’re washed inside, which is also a great recipe for mold and humidity.

Final Thoughts

By vacuuming every few days, you can seriously extend the life of your carpets. Moreover, by doing basic upkeep, taking care of the stains, and deep-washing your carpet from time to time, you can make it look brand new even months after you’ve purchased it. Finally, to avoid discoloration and even burns, keep your carpet out of direct sunlight and move your furniture around every once in a while. Follow these steps, and you’re guaranteed to see the results!

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