You would be surprised at how little people know about basic house cleaning. Sometimes people go ages believing something they just heard and make their cleaning routines based on that. That is especially true with carpet cleaning. There is a lot of misinformation out there about this particular area of cleaning. From believing that professional cleaning damages the carpets look to thinking that carpets should only be cleaned when they are visibly dirty, there are a lot of carpet cleaning myths. We found this topic interesting and decided to debunk some of the biggest myths, so you can properly adjust your carpet cleaning habits.

5 biggest carpet cleaning myths

  • Waiting until the carpet is visibly dirty
  • Not cleaning a new carpet
  • You can clean it on your own
  • Not cleaning the carpet before storing it
  • Pro cleaners will damage it
A little dog lying on the carpet
Carpets absorb a lot of dirt, especially from pets

Waiting until its visibly dirty

Many people believe they don’t need to clean their carpets until they see stains and dirt, but this approach is entirely wrong. Just because the dirt is not fully visible doesn’t mean it’s not time for cleaning. Carpets absorb a lot of dirt and grime on an everyday basis. Especially if there are smokers in the household, the cigarette smoke creeps into the carpet materials. That can cause bacteria to develop and can get very unhealthy all around. Not to mention how much dirt can get in there if you have pets. And sometimes, carpets have such patterns that make it hard to see all the accumulated dirt. That’s why regular cleaning is an absolute must. According to experts, it’s best to vacuum your carpets twice weekly and have them professionally cleaned every few months.

You shouldn’t clean a new carpet

One of the biggest carpet cleaning myths is that you shouldn’t clean the new carpet you bought. Most people think, “It’s a brand-new carpet, there wasn’t enough time for it to get dirty, and there is no reason to clean it. “ But actually, there is. It has to do with something called VOCs. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. And these chemicals, including formaldehyde, are present in new carpets and can be a real health risk. That is if you have young children who just started to crawl on the carpet. One of the ways to get rid of these chemicals from your home is to keep the house well-ventilated while the carpets are being installed. And the other is to have your new carpet deep cleaned by professionals as soon as possible. So as you can see, you really should clean your new carpet.

Person vacuuming a carpet
You can vacuum carpets yourself, but pros can only do deep cleaning

You can clean your carpets on your own

People believe they can do everything in their homes independently, such as minor repairs, paint jobs, and even deep cleaning their carpets. But this is not exactly true. While you can regularly vacuum the carpets and do some surface cleaning, you can not fully clean them yourself. Carpets require professional care at least once every few months to clean all the dirt and bacteria that accumulates deeply in the carpet. You can see a lot of tips and tricks online about cleaning your carpets at home, but if you ever tried them, you would know that they simply do not work. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and the machines to entirely rid your carpet of dirt, bacteria, or stain.

Three blue storage units
One of the biggest carpet cleaning myths is that you don’t have to deep clean your carpets before storing them

You don’t have to clean your carpet before storing it

Another myth about carpet cleaning is that you don’t need to clean your carpet before storing it. People think that if you put your carpet in storage, it can just stay there until you need it and that you should clean it only once you take it out of the storage to use it again. But this is entirely wrong. According to Allstate Moving and Storage experts, deep carpet cleaning is necessary for every successful carpet storage process. If you want your carpet to be appropriately stored and not get damaged while in storage, then cleaning is essential. You must remove any dirt and bacteria, so mold and mildew don’t develop while the carpet is in the storage unit. Also, you must vacuum it well so no food residue or crumbs attracts ants, and the carpet isn’t damaged.

A professional cleaning company will damage your carpet

Some people are skeptical about getting their carpets cleaned professionally because they believe it will cause damage to them. They have heard that the carpets’ color could fade, get ripped, or shrink due to the strong machines and chemicals the cleaning companies use. But the reality could not be further from this. Professional cleaners know how to clean your carpets and rugs without damaging them. They also deal with every carpet differently, depending on what materials it’s made from and how delicate it is. They could use many carpet cleaning methods, including steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry powder cleaning, and encapsulation cleaning.

In conclusion

These were the 5 biggest carpet cleaning myths that people believe. Educating yourself before getting expensive carpets and rugs in your home is good because you could unintentionally neglect and damage them. Carpets need regular care and cleaning, not just from you but also from professionals. And you don’t have to worry pro cleaners won’t shrink or discolor your carpet. They know how to clean even the most delicate carpets without damaging them. Also, new carpets need to be cleaned because of the VODs they contain and emit, which is a health risk. And finally, don’t wait until you visibly see the dirt and stains on the carpet to get it cleaned. You should deep clean carpets every few months to stay in the best shape possible and last longer.

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