In any office or commercial area, there are bound to be high traffic areas that will need special attention to maintain a clean, professional appearance. These are commonly found in hallways, around entrances, at gathering places such as copiers or water coolers, around waiting areas, or simple intersections. Maintaining the cleanliness of these high traffic areas is important not only to maintain a professional work environment but also because failing to do so can lead to costly flooring repairs down the road. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to avoid these issues.

High Traffic Areas

The first and most important tip is to have a regular periodic cleaning plan in place. These high traffic areas can get noticeably dirty rather quickly and keeping these areas clean on a regular basis will help prevent things from getting out of hand. You should create a cleaning schedule based on the amount of traffic an area receives. Braxton Cleaning Solutions can help you create an effective cleaning plan that will ensure that the job gets done right and on a specific schedule.

High traffic areas in the office are almost inevitable, but as long as you have a reliable cleaning plan in place, you can make sure these areas stay just as clean as the rest of your office or commercial space. These measures not only keep your area looking professional but also prevent expensive replacement costs in the future. These are two things that any office manager or business owner should appreciate! Looking to get a cleaning plan set up for your office? Give Braxton Cleaning Solutions a call today (859) 525-7575!