Cleaning For The Holidays

While “spring cleaning” is an age-old idea, the reality is the holiday season is when
many of us look to do a deep clean of our home. And even though you may not be
entertaining as many guests this year, it is still the perfect time to put a
shine on those often neglected places in your house. Here’s a helpful guide to
getting your home ready to enjoy the holidays!

  • Don’t Wait! 

    • Take the time early to get a handle on what HAS to be done, SHOULD be done, and
      what can wait until next year. Finding an entire day to devote only to
      cleaning can be hard this time of year. So try to schedule out your
      cleaning over a few days. Start with the most difficult or the most
      important spaces first. That way if you run out of time, you’ll still be
      in good shape.
  • Pitch & Declutter

    • Nothing feels better than getting stuff out of your way. Putting things away,
      organizing, getting rid of unused items will go a long way towards your
      holiday preparations.
  • Decorate First, Then Clean 

    • If you’re like most of us, your holiday decorations are probably stored
      throughout the year in a dusty place like an attic or garage. Getting
      those out and on display before you clean will save you the hassle and
      headache of having to reclean after they track dust through your house.
  • Deep Clean

    • Now is the time to hit all those places and spots you tend to avoid. Vacuum under all
      furniture. Wipe down windows, walls, doors, & cabinets. Run the oven
      cleaner. Use all your specialty cleaners such as the stainless steel and
      granite. Pull everything out of the fridge and freezer, go through them,
      clean, then put them back organized.
  • Guest Bath

    • If possible, set aside a bathroom as the guest bathroom. Freshen it up with
      new towels and replace items that are worn or beyond cleaning, such as
      soap dishes. To keep from having to clean it all over again, avoid using
      in the days leading up to guests visiting.
  • Freshen Spaces Naturally

    • Use essential oils and herbs such as chamomile and lavender to give your home
      a clean slate. Or get into the holiday spirit and incorporate some
      peppermint or pine.

don’t forget to have your floors and tile professionally cleaned by the experts at Braxton Cleaning Solutions. We will help you put on that finishing touch to make your home sparkle throughout the holiday season!