Tile flooring is a popular choice in spaces that see high traffic
and/or are exposed to a variety of moisture such as spills or wet feet! It is
durable and requires little maintenance beyond a good cleaning. But when it
starts to show its age, there is no denying it. If your tile is a shell of its
former beauty, you need to decide if a deep professional cleaning will bring it
back to life or if it’s time to shell out the money to replace it.


Let’s look at your tile objectively. If you owned the property
when it was installed, then you can compare its current condition to when it
was new. Even if it was there when you purchased the home, it was likely as
clean as it gets when you moved in. Are there any chips or cracks? Are any
tiles loose or even missing pieces? Is the grout still firm? Minor damage can
be repaired but major issues such as these are an indication it is time to
replace that tile.


But if your tile simply suffers from dullness and grimy grout, a
professional cleaning can help bring your tile back to like-new condition. If
you’ve never had the tile professionally cleaned, you will be amazed!
Professionals have the tools and experience needed to bring new life to your
old flooring. 


It is also worth noting the cost associated with each option. A
new tile floor is going to cost roughly $10 per square foot installed. You can
of course save money by doing the install yourself, but unless you have access
to a wet saw and other necessary tools (not to mention skills), you are
probably better off leaving that to a contractor. Having your tile
professionally cleaned will cost a mere fraction of that amount, coming in at
between $1.50-2.00 a square foot. Even if you are leaning towards replacement,
it wouldn’t hurt to have a cleaning done first. You might be shocked at the
result! If it still looks too worn after a cleaning, you can always live on it
for a while and come back around to a replacement later on.


Again, if you’ve never had your tile floor professionally cleaned,
what are you waiting for?!? Give Braxton Cleaning Solutions a call today. We are ready
to schedule that deep clean that will bring new life to your floors!