Keeping your office clean and free of any sources of infection and disease is a serious priority for everyone. However, it can be challenging to give this problem the concern and consideration it is due in the daily work grind. To help improve this situation a little, we have prepared seven tips for maintaining cleanliness at work!

Keep carpets out of your office

Keeping your workspace clean is not easy. But, when carpets are involved, it becomes nearly impossible. Carpets are practically like black holes that will attract any piece of dirt near them and then become encrusted with it. This is why the importance of cleaning the carpets before you move in is impossible to overstate. If you are set on keeping them, that is. After all, carpets get filthy very quickly, and they are also an absolute pain to clean without professional assistance. On the other hand, hardwood, linoleum, or vinyl flooring is fashionable, comes in all price ranges, and is much easier to clean. So, you can opt for one of those and eschew carpets.

Hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are excellent for maintaining cleanliness at work and are luxurious.

Prohibit food outside of certain areas

Allowing food into your office is inevitable, as sometimes people are too busy to eat elsewhere during their lunch break. However, if you allow your workers to eat at their desks, then the mess in your office would necessitate thorough daily scrubbing. Instead, it is wiser to have a kitchen area or a cafeteria for your employees. They can confine their eating to these areas and not spread a mess to the rest of the office. Spills from the water of coffee can still be a problem, but they are thankfully much easier to handle.

A nice clean office

Of course, you should not ban drinks at the workstation.

Disinfect your furniture regularly

Many offices insist on cleaning floors, toilets, kitchen, cafeteria, etc., while completely forgetting the importance of disinfecting the furniture the employees use daily. You would include thorough disinfection of furniture on a commercial moving checklist and have a plan for this in place. You need to do the same regularly in the office. Your employees sneeze, carry germs, dirt, and bacteria from the outside, and spend most of their time in their chairs. The furniture they use naturally accumulates all sorts of nasty stuff. If you want to maintain cleanliness at work, this needs to be handled at least every couple of days.

Know what the biggest trouble spots are and take care of them

When talking about trouble spots, most people immediately think about the office bathroom and maybe the kitchen. After all, these areas are the ones we see as ‘ the dirtiest.’ And that’s true, of course. However, lots of people forget the little things. How many times do people touch door handles and light switches? What about the computer equipment at their desks? Or office equipment such as printers, scanners, and such? All of these places are constantly in use. And most people are not going to pause after every cough and sneeze to sanitize their workstations. This means these places are, in fact, right up there with the bathroom when discussing how dirty they are! Which, of course, means they need to be frequently cleaned and disinfected.

A caution cleaning in progress sign

These ‘trouble spots’ need to be cleaned very often.

Caption: These ‘trouble spots’ need to be cleaned very often.

Alt tag: A caution cleaning in progress sign

Hire professionals cleaners for periodic visits

Your janitors probably do a pretty good job of keeping everything clean. You may even have a whole team dedicated to disinfecting your office. However, professional cleaners are still better at what they do. To say nothing about being able to thoroughly clean and disinfect every inch of your workspace, there are even good reasons why you should get your wood floors professionally cleaned on the regular. It is often impossible for janitors to handle the equipment and professional tools necessary without causing any damage. So, it would be best to invite a professional cleaning team to go over your office every week.

Encourage everyone to clean up after themselves

Maintaining cleanliness at work is a constant effort, so you should encourage your employees to help out with it! If everyone ignores the messes they make and counts on someone else to clean up after them, your janitors can easily get swamped with work. This, in turn, would mean that they might start doing a sloppy job, which would compromise the cleanliness of the workplace and cause even more trouble down the road. Your employees will not lose time and energy doing some light tidying up after themselves. And it is only polite to take the time to throw away your garbage instead of leaving it at your workstation!

Do not ignore the cleaning needs of appliances and machines handling food or drink

What lots of offices do is disregard how thoroughly appliances need to be cleaned. This applies to places with coffee machines, vending machines, water dispensers, or coffee makers. What most janitors will do is wipe down the outside of these. Unfortunately, as any reputable cleaning business can tell you, the inside of these appliances and machines is a far bigger problem. You would not believe how much dirt and gunk can accumulate inside a coffee machine. And yet everyone uses them daily in their offices, with only a momentary thought to their internal cleanliness at most. If this is ignored in the long term, it is very easy for such appliances to become sources of infection.

Final advice

Being familiar with our seven tips for maintaining cleanliness at work, you should be able to better plan ahead. Remember that keeping your office clean will be a continuous struggle. Things can quickly deteriorate if you allow yourself to slack and overlook some areas.

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